The connotation of white roses is not far-fetched, especially with the knowledge of what the colour itself stands for. However, being the definitive symbol of purity and innocence is not all there is to the white rose. The flower of light, as the white rose is fondly called,...
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An exciting opportunity awaits the potential candidate for a position at Limerick’s busiest Florist, Flowers Forever. We are looking for a highly creative and committed florist to join our team. Please only apply if you have experience, fluent English, your passionate about floristry, customer service and work well as part of a team. Experience in floristry...
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How to water houseplants

First of all, it may be impossible for anyone to tell you EXACTLY what amount of water each type of plant needs. You have to take into consideration several factors. What type of plant is it? What type of soil, light, temperature or humidity? Plants with large or very thin leaves and those with fine surface...
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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day at Flowers Forever- the Midwest‘s finest florist. Our design team at Flowers Forever have been hand-picked for their friendly approach and extraordinary creative flair so that your flowers are truly memorable. The proprietors Rachel and David Hannon personally guarantee a premier service and consistently high standards of design. This Valentine’s Day we just want...
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Flower Arranging Guidelines

IMG_0178     Flower Arranging Guidelines 1. Design: Look at your collection of flowers and accessories, and the type of vase to be used. Take into account the location and visualize the finished arrangement. 2. Balance: Step away from the flower symmetrical or asymmetrical arranging to check the color arrangement, the stability...
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Flower Arranging For Hobbyists

IMG_2700 Flower Arrangements Arranging flowers is a fun art with living, dried, or artificially sculptured flowers. These arrangements can be used for everyday displays in attractive flower vases or other water holding containers and placed on any furniture table or shelving in the home or commercial location. Flower arrangements...
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7 things to note before choosing your wedding bouquet Whether it's picking an arrangement based on your gown or body size, to the art of floriography, you'll want to take down these nifty tips before going on the hunt for your bridal bouquet. Pink peony, ranunculus, hyacinth and snow leaves. How to choose your wedding... 			</div>
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