Care Tips


Care Tips - Hand Ties
Firstly you must release the water from the water reservoir by cutting a hole in the cellophane over a sink. Remove all gift wrapping but do not untie your flowers as they have been specially arranged and tied ready to be placed into a sparkling-clean vase. Re-cut the stems and immediately plunge the cut ends into water. Waiting to put the stems in water allows air to enter the cells of the stems, preventing water uptake. You can even cut the stems of flowers, especially roses, underwater to be sure air doesn't sneak in. Strip off any leaves remaining underwater inside the vase. Leaves contribute to bacteria buildup in the water.
Place in a cool shady area and change the water on a regular basis to extend the life of your flowers.
Care Tips - Roses and Bouquets
Roses & Bouquets
Depending on the bouquet it may come with or without a reservoir of water this is to ensure your bouquet is kept fresh during delivery.
Once received, you should cut at least 3cms (1 inch) off all stems, making a slanted cut with a sharp knife or scissors (as this gives the stem a bigger area to take up water), then fill a clean vase with luke warm water and add the flower food supplied.
Avoid placing your flowers in direct heat, sunlight or a draughty location as this will shorten the life span of your flowers.
Keep your flowers away from fruit.
For best results display in a cool shady area top up the water regularly and add flower food in proportion.
Care Tips - Lilies
When in bloom carefully remove lily stamens as they can stain, if this should happen use sellotape sticky side out and dab onto the stained area.
Do not use water or try to rub the stains off.
Also be aware lily pollen is extremely toxic to cats.
Store in a cool place and change the water daily.
Care Tips - Arrangements
Place in a cool shady environment and top up the container with water daily.
Care Tips - Candles
For decoration only to avoid the risk of fire you are advised not to light them.
Care Tips - Fresh Fruit Baskets
Fresh Fruit Baskets
Fresh fruit baskets should be washed and consumed within two days of receiving it.

Foliage house plants require bright light without direct sunlight most of them will adapt to semi-shade . Plants with variegated leaves need more light than all green ones, and flowering plants generally need more light than all- green ones and flowering plants generally need some direct sunlight. Roots need air as well as water, which means that the compost should be moist but not saturated. Some plants need a partial drying out period between watering, others do not. All will need less water during the winter period.
Care Tips - Handle With Care
Please handle with care
Flowers and plants are for display only and must not be consumed. Certain plants and flowers may be harmful or may cause irritation so please be careful when handling. We recommend that you do not place your gift on an unprotected surface also keep out of reach of children and pets.